ESQUIRE September 1976 WILLIAM STYRON - Jewish Princess - Do Not Touch +

ESQUIRE September 1976 WILLIAM STYRON - Jewish Princess - Do Not Touch +


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Issue Date: SEPTEMBER, 1976; VOLUME 86, No. 3, WHOLE No. 514Â
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COVER: Jewish Princess -- Do not touch! William Styron on lust in the 40's.

A LOOK AT THE FACULTY: 1976: The Bennington College Affair ... NORA EPHRON. [The story of GAIL PARKER].
The Most Unforgettable Professor I Ever Had ... Real College Students.
The University of Dumb Course Guide.
The Class Menagerie ... ALEXANDER THEROUX. Illustrated with color caricatures by BILL NELSON.
Publish and Flourish ... HARRY STEIN.
All-Time Text Best-Seller List.
Final Assault: Bring in the Teamsters! ... STEPHEN GOSNELL.

The Absolutely Last Tycoon (LEW GRADE smokes $230.00 worth of cigars a WEEK!) ... JOHN BERENDT.
Henry Kloss Built the Better Mousetrap ... GERRY NADEL.

Traction! ... WADE A. HOYT.
Love of Traction ... DOUGLAS KENT HALL.
When Drinks Were All We Had.
Is It All Right To Look at These Pictures?... Photographed by MAUREEN LAMBRAY. [Gorgeous FULL PAGE COLOR photos of ALEXANDRA STEWART, DAYLE HADDON and AURORE CLEMENT!].

FICTION: Paco and I at Sea ... JAMES THOMAS.
The Seduction of Leslie ... WILLIAM STYRON. Time: 1947. Place: Flatbush, Brooklyn. Narrator: Stingo.Â

FASHION: Required Wearing: The Classics.

DEPARTMENTS: Arnold Gingrich -- In memoriam.
Bruce Jay Friedman: Show Biz -- Could Dirty Harry take Rooster Cogburn?.
Taylor Branch: Washington -- Playing both sides against the middle.
Harry Crews: Grits -- Building men the Marine Corps way.
John Gregory Dunne: The Coast -- Gone Hollywood.
Backstage with Esquire -- The view from within.
Sound and Fury -- Letters from our readers.
Richard Joseph: Getting There -- How to read your airline ticket.
Geoffrey Norman: Outdoors -- To each his own place.