ESQUIRE February 1977 MARY TYLER MOORE P J O'ROURKE, Your Mafia Cost of Living.

ESQUIRE February 1977 MARY TYLER MOORE P J O'ROURKE, Your Mafia Cost of Living.

Issue Date: FEBRUARY, 1977; VOLUME 87 No. 2, WHOLE No. 519Â
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COVER: Mary Tyler Moore, farewell to the funniest show on Television from Robert Redford, Barbara Walters, Roger Staubach and others. Cover designed by Pellegrini, Kaestle & Gross Inc.,Cover (Mary Tyler Moore) photographed by Douglas Kirkland.

Politics Under the Palms ... Bo Burlingham.
How P.J. Became A.J. in Just Five Days ... P.J. O'ROURKE.
Your Mafia Cost of Living.
The Scotch Would Like To Take You to Bed ... Roy Andries de Groot.
Southern Men, Southern Lies ... Gail Godwin.
A Short Guide to Guidebooks ... Stephen Birnbaum.
Peeved at Pets ... Jay Cronley.
Monster Pop and the Little Classics ... John Rockwell.

Up From the Old Grind The State of the Union ... Delia Ephron. [With photos of new strippers, Nina, Leslie, Velina and Bibi.]
The Perfect Union ... Joseph B. Cumming Jr.
Devil's Food! (Recipes: page 136) ... Marilyn Kaytor.
MARY TYLER MOORE ... Introduction by Nora Ephron, and farewell notes from dozens of people, including Roger Staubach, Tony Randall, Ed Asner, Barbara Walters, Jeane Dixon, Dick Van Dyke, Alfred Hitchcock, Robert Redford, Telly Savalas, Howard Cosell, and MANY others!
Lift-Line Express ... Catherine Breslin.

FICTION: For Rupert --- With No Promises.

FASHION:Color Without Fear.

John Gregory Dunne: The Coast --- Bottling poetry in Napa Valley.
Taylor Branch: Washington --- Can Chuck Morgan keep Jimmy Carter honest?Â
D. Keith Mano: Book Watch --- The woman behind the credit: Photo by Jill Krementz.
Philip Singenuan: Outdoors --- Remember when rivers were free?
Backstage with Esquire --- The view from within.
Harry Crews: Grits --- Tuesday night with Cody, limbo and a fish of some proportion.
Sound and Fury --- Letters from our readers.
Roy Blount Jr.: Games --- Why there will never be a great bowling novel.
Nora Ephron: Media --- Washing dirty laundry in Detroit.Â