kitsch \KICH\, noun: Art characterized by pretentious bad taste.


                adjective: Relating to, or characterized by, kitsch.

Hi. My name is Jessica and I am obsessed with all things Kitsch. I collect it, sell it and my house is filled with it.  Some consider this behavior kooky.  Hence, KookyKitsch.

I love estate sales, garage sales, rummage sales, auctions, thrift stores, white elephant sales, hand-me-downs, sidewalk leftovers, the occasional dumpster dive and, of course, the thrill of the hunt. If you like to live vicariously (and kept out of harm’s way) from the comfort of your computer, phone or other insert name of current electronic device, have I got a deal for you. You can find me and my collections on, etsy, ebay, facebook and Pinterest.

These are some critically important things you, the consumer, should know: is a one person operation. There are no employees or staff – just me. Sometimes some orders take a little while to process as I, a disorganized, ADD afflicted middle-aged Housewife and Mom, has to locate the item or items and then…well…wait, what was I saying?

Approximately 99% of what I sell on this website is used or “previously owned.” For that reason I cannot tell you that an item is from an animal-free or smoke-free environment and, most likely this vintage collectible will not be in immaculate shape because a) it’s been around awhile and b) it's been in my storage "area".  So, please look at photos closely to determine condition.

In addition to selling online, I also rent space at Lost City Antiques at 1519 Park Street, Alameda, CA 94501, where I work as a vendor three times per month.

Lost City Antiques is NOT affiliated with I rent space as one of many collectible dealers.  This means that the owners and other vendors at PSA cannot answer any questions about items listed on my website. If you call to ask questions about an item or an order you have placed, they will not only not have any information, they will be angry with me for pestering them. This, in turn, makes me cranky, and not so customer friendly.  So, please don’t contact them.

If you have questions about items on my website contact me at my e-mail address –This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I don’t take phone orders. I don’t like phones so please don’t ask.  If you call, I will explain that I don't have a telephone and hang up.

Most everything I offer here is one-of-a-kind which means that you cannot order more than one – unless-and this is rare- specified.

Sometimes, when you place an order, I have to contact you to tell you that your item is out of stock. That means that:  a) I cannot find it and it has either temporarily (misplaced) or permanently (donated) disappeared b) it is broken c) a family member has had second thoughts d) it sold and I forgot to update the information .

My preferred method of payment is money – more specifically, Paypal -though, I am open to doing barter or trades.

Still have questions? Of course you do. This is my e-mail address – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Some nuggets of info about the creators of this site:

My long-suffering and pitifully disillusioned husband, Mel Waldorf, created with the hopes that I’d sell my “extra” collectibles to give us more room and order in our chaos we call “home.”

While that was never meant to be, his loss is your gain.

Stay Kitschy!


Kitschy Plate!

Visit our showroom!

Lost City Antiques 

1519 Park Street @ Lincoln

Alameda, CA

Open seven days a week - 11AM to 6PM


EMAIL ME DIRECTLY AT This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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